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Don't have a website?  Have one but it's from the Vanilla Ice era? Does the thought of writing a blog make you long for scissors in your eye?  If the answer is YES to any of the above questions then you are in the right place!

The hourly bundles are perfect for new clients to get a feel if we're a fit, and for any client who needs more than just a social media package.

These hours could be used for:

• Website Design •

• Website Refresh • 

• Blog Creation •

• Blog Posts •

• Analytics & Reports •

• Logo Design •

• Brand Board •

• Marketing Strategy •

• Editorial Calendar •

• Social Media Posting Calendar •

• Newsletter Design and Creation •

• Training •

• E-Course Design •

• Pinterest Growth •

• Social Media Platform Creation •

• And More! •


*Before we begin any hourly

project, we will give you an approximation of hours so you know what to expect!





Want to grow your traffic to your site?  How about sell more products?  We can help you grow these areas exponentially with a proven method through Pinterest.  We can set you up and teach you how to maintain, or we can continue to monitor and maintain Pinterest for you ensuring the maximum follower, traffic and sales growth!

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