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Without giving up any of your precious time.

“You just need to engage more on Instagram”


“Follow and like tons of posts every day and you’ll get followers”


“Spend time commenting and connecting with a bunch of accounts”


“Research hashtags and other accounts to find your target market”


We’re sure you’ve heard HOW to get more followers on Instagram. 


But do you really have time to spend hours a day engaging on Instagram to gain authentic followers AND run your business?

Let us know if this sounds familiar:

• You’re posting amazing photos and have figured out THE perfect captions.


• You have a great posting schedule and post at the most optimal times for your audience.




You’re still not getting a ton of likes, comments, or new followers.  And no new clients or customers are sliding into your DMs.


We get it.  It’s EXHAUSTING!  And so time consuming!

We’ve been there.  That was us.


When we started our personal blogs’ Instagram accounts, this exact thing happened to us.

Gorgeous pics? ✔️

Rockin’ engagement-provoking captions? ✔️


But… crickets.


So we started to think of Instagram like dating.  No, really, we did. 

You can get all dolled up, smell amazing, but if you go out and sit in the corner you’re unlikely to meet your match. 

You need to be social, ENGAGE with people.  Strike up conversation…have small talk.  Be INTERESTED as well as INTERESTING.


It’s the same with social media.  You must engage and be interested in other people on social media for them to be interested in you.


And that takes a lot of time.  We know you have WAY more important things to do, so that’s where we come in.


We got this.

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What we’re about to tell you might just change your business...


✷ Do you feel like your Instagram engagement has tanked and need someone to help skyrocket your digital exposure NOW?!


✷ Are you ready to start attracting your ideal follower and turn them into dream clients? 


✷ Are you sick and TIRED of the follow/unfollow game and just want consistent, stress-free IG growth?


✷ Do you want to engage with others but just don't have the time and effort to put into doing it?



You'll get:

How about we work your Instagram so it works for you?

Dedicated team members authentically growing your Instagram account through real, human engagement.
Engagement with targeted accounts specific to your brand, business, or niche.
Connections with your ideal audience through genuine comments, likes and targeted follows.
YOUR life back to focus on the magical things you do to make your business amazing!


A safe growth strategy that 100% complies with Instagram’s terms of service.
Here’s what you can expect from our Instagram Growth Service:
  • Increasing your Instagram presence means nothing unless your target audience is actually engaged with your content. That’s why we take the time to understand your audience and goals to create a customized strategy specific to you and your niche.

  • We then work your account to engage with your target audience. With consistent social interactions, we connect with the right audience, and organically grow your followers over time.

  • If you do your job, and we do ours, expect to see real Instagram growth! Treat your Instagram account as a brand awareness, influencer marketing, or lead/sales generating machine.

  • And of course we never use bots or automation! Most growth services you encounter are using bots, scripts, or automation software to grow your account and offer CRAZY, IMMEDIATE growth.  But we’re not going for empty followers here, and we definitely don’t want your account shut down!  So we do things a bit differently and on the up-and-up. We’re 100% compliant with Instagram's terms of service. We believe in doing things the right way, garnering high quality connections. Don't risk your account with those others who promise you the moon and stars.

  • We do all the hard work, the time-consuming, mundane activities that nobody wants to nor has the time to handle. You just focus on posting quality content.

  • When you work with Hampton Haymes, our team learns about your style and brand. Unlike bot services, we are understanding of your life's work and passion. From the onset, our team uses your Instagram account organically as if you were spending hours every day manually engaging with your target audience. While you focus on showcasing your skillset, our team focuses on earning more visibility on your account.

Leaves Shadows


Our team researches your target market, evaluates the content being posted, what’s working in your industry or your social sphere, and identifies accounts that follow your competitors.


Targeted Approach

We engage with individuals who are relevant to your brand. By using targeted hashtags, focusing on followers of other popular accounts in your space, and specific locations, we can make sure only your ideal audience is targeted.


Get Some Attention

Once we’ve identified your target audience, the hard work starts. Our team will begin interacting with that audience by liking their photos, leaving comments and following strategic accounts. We do all of this while keeping up to date with Instagram’s terms of service to the best of our ability.



We then keep working your account to engage with the target audience. Through consistent social interactions (liking, following, commenting, etc), we truly connect with the right audience, and organically grow your account over time. As a result of our team's strategic persistence, you will see an increase in traffic to your Instagram profile and content.


Grow Your Reach and Influence

This part might seem like common sense…with the increased interaction to your profile naturally, we expect to increase your followers. However, the work doesn’t stop there. Keeping up with your profile and continuing to post great content is crucial to maximizing your success. Our team can always help with post strategy and photography if you need it!


Absolutely Authentic

We make sure people only follow you if they are interested in you or what you have to offer. Since these are users who show actual interest, your engagement rates will also increase! We know that people can – and do – base their entire opinion of a brand on a single interaction with them. It’s important to us that we help cultivate the best reputation for your brand.


Safe and Secure

Your privacy is important to us, so from the start, we keep your account login info in a secure database. Given we manage many clients, we can guarantee account safety. We have never had any accounts disabled!

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Let’s grow your business through Instagram, shall we?


What makes Hampton Haymes’ Instagram growth service different?


  • No bots and no software.  Ever.  Human hands and minds will be the only way we work your Insta!

  • Real growth managed and executed by real people.

  • Led and managed by social media experts - executed by social media gurus.

  • 100% safe and Instagram compliant approach.

  • Cost effective service that doesn’t break the bank.

  • US-based owners; remote team operations.  This means we have the best of the best working on your account.  Check out our team to see who will be working on your account, and from where.

  • We only engage with real, authentic accounts that are relevant to you and your brand. Every new follower, like, and website click you receive is from a real human.

  • We monitor Instagram Hashtags - we’ll find posts that include your brand/campaign specific hashtags to keep a pulse on conversations. Using targeted hashtags for your niche and engaging with the interested users following and using these hashtags.  This allows you to reach people all over the world or locally-targeted who would likely be interested in what you are doing!

  • We will not interact with inappropriate material. We will filter out questionable content and spam to ensure that you only interact with relevant users likely to be interested in your page.


How do you get new followers?

Instagram requires constant activity. You neither have the time or resources to constantly be engaged. Therefore, we handle all the time-consuming and mundane tasks. We will “like” and “comment” on photos to encourage your target audience to follow your account, and form a true connection with you. In addition, we will follow accounts and, if necessary, unfollow them over time.


Do I need to share my password with you?

Yes. We're human and need these credentials to help manage your account on your behalf. Rest assured we will not share your password with anybody who is not on our team and we take the security of your account very seriously.


Is this service safe?

As a social media agency, we have never had an account locked or suspended because we do everything manually. Think of us as your virtual marketing team that lets you focus on more important things. Since we are performing our activities like you would, we are 100% compliant with Instagram unlike many of our competitors.


HH Fireworks.png

You'll also receive an analytics report at the end of every month highlighting the engagement and growth, as well as a plan of action for the following month based on your content calendar. We can also discuss some other tips and tricks here for the month. The possibilities are endless!



We’ve got room for only 6 clients at our reduced prices! You’ll never see this special pricing again! Contact us for more pricing info.


It’s easy to put off investing more into your business.


But just think…


How many hours would you spend per month researching hashtags, finding accounts to engage with, growing your reach and engaging with your target audience?  Think of all of the areas of your business you could focus on with that free time. Your time is worth a LOT of money.  (Yep, we know how talented you are!)


Where will your business be in a month, 6 months, a year if you DO take the plunge to grow your Instagram account? How many new clients and connections will you have?


Let’s get you some real followers and potential clients/customers!

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Sam and Brooke here

We hate hearing about people who have been duped by the promises of “Instant Instagram Growth”!


We’ve heard story after story of clients who uses cheap, fast services growing accounts artificially through the use of bots, scripts, and software automation. Everything was great… right? Not so much.


By using these bots, most accounts were suspended or suppressed, and the accounts are cluttered with irrelevant photos and the bots liked some embarrassing photos.


We knew there was a better way, we had used it ourselves for our own accounts!  So we began to offer our safe, effective, AUTHENTIC services to our clients.


And it worked.


It will work for you too.


Let's Recap!

   '           !

You’ll get:


  • Instagram growth with real followers resulting in potential clients/customers.

  • Dedicated team members authentically growing your Instagram account through real, human engagement.

  • Engagement with targeted accounts specific to your brand, business, or niche.

  • YOUR life back to focus on the magical things you do to make your business amazing!

  • A safe growth strategy that 100% complies with Instagram’s terms of service.



An analytics report at the end of every month highlighting the engagement and growth, as well as a plan of action for the following month based on your content calendar.


How about we rock your Insta?

★ No more spending hours and hours finding accounts to engage with.


★ No more putting off what you know your Instagram account needs, but you don’t have time to do.


★ No more staring at your account waiting for likes, comments, and followers.


Let’s get you some real followers and potential clients/customers!

Hampton Haymes  is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. All Instagram and Facebook logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram.

* Results may vary. We’re an Instagram Growth agency!

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