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For social media to be successful it's mandatory to have a great strategy, eye-catching design, and engagement creating hashtags and captions!

It is also absolutely necessary for us to truly "get" you and your company before we

can successfully work together!

Social Media Strategy package includes:

  • Site/brand audit, determining strategic needs, getting to know you and your company, and making aesthetic/branding suggestions

  • Formulate an over-arching Strategic Social Media Plan (Which platforms do we use when? What content should be shared on which platform? How do we increase our audience?)

  • Create Social Media posting calendar

  • Populate posting calendar with one month of planning

  • Determine which social media platforms would be most ideal for your business

  • Research and formulate list of engagement creating and niche relevant hashtags

  • Recommendations for automated services

  • 2 hours of Social Media tutorial (excludes Pinterest) OR a 2 Page Media Kit


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